Lawn Corer 100mm Depth

The Red Roo aerator is ideal for all sports fields and lawns. The Aerator is self propelled, compact and lightweight. Its front wheels swivel to allow easy manoeuvring in tight spots. Utilising a cam driven piston mechanism, the Aerator pulls up cores up to 100mm deep. Aerating improves nutrient transfer, encourages root growth, reduces water requirements and promotes a vigorous lawn with fewer weeds.



Engine Type: 6.5hp Honda Engine


Aeration Width: 575mm (22.5″)

Core Density: 126 Plugs per Square Meters

Area Per Hour (Max): 3300 Square Meters

Machine Width: 775mm (30.5″)

Machine Weight: 130kg

Core Diameter: 16mm (5/8″)

Core Centres: 91mm (3 and 5/8″)

Number of Tines: 6 Hollow Spoon

Half Day (4 hours) $65.00
Day (24 hours) $90.00
Weekend $130.00
Week $310.00
Deposit $40.00

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