Nail Gun – Brad Gas

Light & easy to use. Small and compact nail head. Auto reload nail magazine for speed & convenience. Gas cartridge & re-chargeable battery operated. No compressor or hoses required. Fast set-up. Easy adjustment for nail depth.

Nails & gas cartridge sold in a convenient package.

Drives TrimMaster Angled Brads

Adjustable depth of drive

Carry case

Cordless, no compressor required

Drives angled brads

Light, compact & well balanced

Quick & easy setup

Quick clear feature

Application; Cabinet making, Fix out, Glazing bead, Light trim, Panelling, Shopfitting, Window manufacture

Half Day (4 hours) $49.00
Day (24 hours) $70.00
Weekened $91.00
Week $245.00
Deposit $ 20.00

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